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Book Horse Accommodation

The Windsor Polo Club have 60 yards available for short term use. The yards are designed for overnight/short stays.

Please book in by Thursday 6pm.


Below are a few protocols that we would like visitors to adhere to. The WPC committee reserves the right to make changes due to weather conditions at any time.


  1. Preference will be given to NSW country & interstate visiting players entered into tournaments.

  2. The yards must be booked in advance online.



  1. Yards will be allocated, please stick to what has been allocated.

  2. Yards are to be kept clean and tidy.

  3. All manure is to be dumped in designated area near water tank.

  4. All tape and rubbish to be removed.

  5. Yards chains must be closed on departure.

  6. Truck parking and truck ramps are not to obstruct the roadway.

  7. Park vehicles close to your yards and be mindful in wet weather.



  1. You can WALK your horses out around the perimeters of the #2 & #3 fields.

  2. Use of the #3 polo field is available to players only and those booked into the tournament.

  3. Use of the #3 is not allowed for horses staying on site that are in transit.

  4. Only players who are registered can utilise the facilities.


For further information please contact Katie Edmeades - 0437 372 041

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