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Club Rules and Regulations & Constitution

Our fields and facilities are our pride and joy, we want you to enjoy them as much as possible but please treat these amazing facilities and your fellow players with the respect they deserve.

Please enjoy yourselves but be mindful to adhere to the Code of Conduct & Club Rules below as they are there for your safety,  benefit of our members and players. Every person using the polo fields at Windsor Polo Club must abide by the Code of Conduct and Club Rules as they apply to riding and horse related activities.

Members of Windsor Polo Club are also bound by and have the benefits as Members of Windsor Polo Club under the Constitution. 

Anyone entering Windsor Polo Club agrees to the following rules:

Screen Shot 2024-03-02 at 7.30.01 am.png

Northern end pony lines between the No.1 & No. 2:

  • Only current financial Windsor Polo Club Members can utilise these pony lines

  • All other players are to utilise the 60 available yards, the pony lines behind the No.2 and the yards & paddocks near the lagoon. There is plenty of space for everyone.

  • There are no exceptions to this arrangement.

Vehicle traffic:

  • Vehicles travelling in that direction must drive along the mound, respecting the need to stay off the 10 meter safety line off the boards.

  • Vehicles must not drive past signage that clearly says No Vehicle Access – i.e. no cars are allowed to drive from the driveway to the pony lines behind the No.1 field

  • Vehicles must not drive on any part of the grounds that are part of the polo field – i.e. the areas mown short

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