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2024 Windsor Polo Club Membership

Benefits of being a Windsor Polo Club Member (WPC) include professionally organised tournaments, reduced chukka fees, regular weekly chukkas and access to the most premium fields in Australia where NSWPA Polo also host their high goal and International Polo tournaments. In addition Windsor Polo Club offers a very active social calendar.

2024 Membership Options

Premium $4,450

Chukka $2,750

S&Baller $1,200

(S&B Only. Club chukka fees still apply at discounted rate)

Professional $1,000

Junior Windsor $550

(Under 19 on 1st January)


Social $275

All membership options above, DO NOT include the Affiliation Fees with the NSW Polo Association (NSWPA) and Australian Polo Federation (APF) fees.

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Membership Inclusions

See the detailed overview of the Membership Inclusions & Exclusions below:

Screen Shot 2024-02-07 at 9.36.50 am.png
  • Premium Membership includes tournament ground fees for all WPC Tournaments (1st run only)

  • Chukka Membership tournament ground fees are charged at a discounted rate

  • Junior Membership includes tournament ground fees for 0 Goal or below (1st run only)

  • S&Baller Membership still must pay for club chukka at a discounted rate of $25 per chukka and tournament ground fees are charged at a Non-Member rate

  • S&B on WPC 3 is limited to 6 horses per session per member

  • All membership and tournament entries are subject to committee approval


Professional Member

  • Eligble for 2 goalers & above 

  • Ground fees charged at Chukka Member rate only when playing with Premium Member, otherwise non member rate

  • In joining as a Windsor Polo Club Professional the expectation is that they: 

    • Assist with player development at club chukkas 

    • Foster development and growth for WPC members  

    •  Assist with other WPC initiatives (eg. Social Penalty hitting competitions/other on the field fun)

Half Yearly Membership

  • Eligibility on request to committee in writing

  • Valued at 60% of annual membership

  • Available for legitimate medical reasons 

  • Available if member becomes non resident during a year

  • For new/academy players wishing to upgrade to Chukka Membership in year 1 of playing

  • Country players wanting to play only one season a year

Committee Members

Active committee members are eligible for Premium Level Membership. If anyone is keen to be involved please contact the Committee.



Life Membership - Windsor Polo Fields Pty Ltd

All Windsor Polo Club (WPC) members ultimately become Life Members of Windsor Polo Fields Ltd (WPF).

This $2,000 fee is payable on joining as a playing member with the following exceptions:

(1) for Junior Members

(2) for players new to the sport of polo, eligibility occurs in 2nd year of playing. 

For example, if you join between Jan-Dec 2022, your Life Membership will be due Jan 2023.

Life members obtain a share in Windsor Polo Fields Ltd.  It is a one-time payment to support the improvements and additions to the club, fields, and surrounds. 

Benefits Include:

  • Ownership of Australia’s home of polo.

  • Free General admission to ticketed tournaments events hosted by Windsor Polo Club.

  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting for Windsor Polo Club (if you are a current playing member) and Windsor Polo Fields Pty Ltd

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