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The Windsor Annual 2023 Results

Winners of the 8 Goal : Sir Philip Charley Trophy

The 8 Goal was played over 3 days to avoid a round robin. Arunga defeated Giddiup 9 - 7 and also defeated Charleston Chargers 9.5 - 7.

Congratulations to Mark Greig, Nick Wills, Adam Tolhurst and Bautista Panelo.

Champion Pony: The Copabela Trophy Aspree - Played by Bautista Panelo, owned by Malcolm Pursehouse

Winner of the 4 Goal: M.K. Milne Trophy

Muddy Flatts def Windsor: 4 - 1.5

Congratulations Wal Ashton, Toby Goodman, Pete Handbury and Wal Ashton

Winners of the 0 Goal: The Silver Bullet Trophy

Los Lobos defeated Just Horsen About and Bellevue Polo in a round robin.

Congratulations Andrew Littleford, Scarlett Storie, Nick Wayland and Adam Meally

Winners of the Subzero

Stone Real Estate def Killarney 5 - 3

Congratulations Sophie Utz, Louisa Ryan, Archer Buchert and Adam Buchert

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