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Tournament Results 11 & 12 March | Post Match Report

Windsor Polo Club's first tournament of the season was an unforgettable weekend of thrilling polo action, marked by the return of enthusiastic players and over 22 teams competing. Even the sudden downpour of rain on Sunday did not dampen our spirits!

Here are the results of the tournament:

4-Goal Pool A: Arunga - Mark Greig, Ben Jones (substitute Fletcher Thew), Dylan Jones, Thomas Martin 4-Goal Pool B: Classic Safari Company- Julie McIntosh, Shannon Booth, Ray Bruce, Aiden Nunn 0-Goal: TRFD Polo - Jack Raval, Tim Berry, Pete Handbury, Adam Meally Subzero: M Polo - Tim Berry, Kim McDougall, Adam Sims, Ed Matthies

Groom's prize - Sarah Nunn (thank you to LJ Thoroughbreds for sponsoring)

8 Goal Results and Post Match Report

Saturday 11 March

The Pines and Atwood must’ve been a wee bit excited when they saw the draw come out on Wednesday night. The first game on the Windsor Number 1.

The sun was shining, it was hot, everyone was excited, maybe except for Bautista Panelo whose luggage was lost in transit to Sydney and had none of his polo gear. Malcolm Pursehouse to the rescue to get him kitted up. It was fast, it furious, maybe a yellow card was awarded. There was only 1 goal in it going into the last, but The Pines managed to hold Atwood off with Thomas Martin scoring two goals in the fifth chukka to make sure they started off with a win. The Pines def. Atwood 8-6.

Next up was Cutcliffe versus Rathgormack. Big welcome to Rathgormack (Greg Browne, Phil Kelly, Ed Matthies and Jack Berner) who are visiting from Victoria for the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, no one told them that Cole Aguirre is a neck shot goal specialist (slotting 3 goals in the first two chukkas off neck shots). Jimbo Fewster was the ultimate cool cucumber leading Cutcliffe into the last, up by two goals. Jack Berner had a different idea, having a blinder in the fifth chukka scoring 3 goals, but it wasn’t enough for the win. Cutcliffe def. Rathgormack 10-9.

Sunday 12 March

Tell me you’re playing polo in Richmond, without telling me you’re playing polo in Richmond. 35 degrees one day. Pissing down rain the next. The 8 goal games were the last two games of the day, played in the pouring rain.

First up, Cutcliffe versus Atwood. We can confirm both Jimbo and Bautista are quite accurate from long range, with both 5 goalers scoring spectacular goals close to the halfway mark, under pressure making it look effortless. Cutcliffe Polo has all the momentum early, until a big fall from Adam Meally halted play. Both horse and player walked away with no injuries. Play resumed with Atwood firing on all cylinders scoring 4 goals to 1 in the third chukka in the pouring rain. But Cutcliffe Polo pulled together in a nail-biting last chukka for the win. Cutcliffe def. Atwood 10-9.

There are some famous duos in the world - Thelma & Louise, Bonnie & Clyde, Pikachu & Ash, then there is Jake Daniels and Aiden Nunn. They simply just have chemistry together. It was literally raining sideways, but it didn’t slow Troika and Rathgormack down. It was tough, it was gritty, it came down to which team could handle the conditions the best. Troika came out on top defeating Rathgormack 7-3.

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